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FleetScan Solutions is a North American provider of best of breed GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems and RFID inventory asset management systems for business and government.
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Data Services

FleetScan offers a variety of Service Plans to meet the needs of any size business or asset tracking application. Service Plan fees are based on the Sat-Trak device(s) you select, as well as your network access requirements.

Once your Sat-Trak device is selected, you will need to identify an appropriate service plan, which will provide application access and GPRS and/or Satellite access for tracking your mobile assets. FleetScan's Service Plan fees are the lowest in the industry for the level of advanced tracking technology provided. In addition to this, you can say that our rates are as affordable as the rates of GPRS in the mobile phones uk industry.

For assistance determining which Sat-Trak device and Service Plan will best suit your asset tracking needs, please contact FleetScan's Sales Department by phone at (604) 781-1411, or e-mail us at sales@fleetscan.com.

Systems Integration

FleetScan has experience in a variety of systems and component integration, linking diverse data capture mechanisms such as bar-coding and RFID into standard off-the-shelf GPS tracking systems.

At FleetScan, we realize that an ASP solution may not be ideal for every client. For this reason, we offer an excellent alternative. For those who wish to have greater control of the Sat-Trak system, we will integrate* our ASP solution with your existing, remotely hosted or co-located system. This client-managed solution gives you the best of all worlds: the revolutionary Sat-Trak technology and systems infrastructure over a secure, virtual private network, in an environment which is under your own control.
We will integrate our software components to your specific hosting system, operating-system and the specific environment. If your system architecture presents special requirements, we will make changes accordingly.

Whether it is our complete ASP solution or your customized, integrated network, FleetScan continuously evaluates and enhances its devices and systems. The company's technology specialists anticipate emerging IT (information technology) challenges, enabling us to proactively manage our ASP network and to successfully integrate upgrades and enhancements into your client-managed system.
*Integration costs will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Systems Development

FleetScan Solutions has developed middleware for the fleet management vertical - its most recent project was the creation of the GEOZone gated routing product. Combining the pre-trip routing and post-trip verification capabilities of GEOTAB and other large industry suppliers, FleetScan now provides unique end-to-end solution to provide gated routing reporting for passenger transit bus, and route-based delivery service companies. Now operators can verify that their vehicles are passing through each planned route point at the pre-defined time, with no strays from the designated route.

Email or SMS alerts provide both owners and drivers with an increased level of security that their valuable shipments are not being diverted off the correct route.